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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Here we are ready to celebrate Christmas and the New Year! I am so thankful for this year.  It has brought me a new business, new friends, and a new grand baby !  I am so loving this journey.   I could not have done any of this without the support of the most wonderful husband in the world!  Ben, I appreciate you allowing me to share my talent and make a career out of doing what I truly love. My siblings for pushing me to carry on what our grandmother taught us many many many years ago and I just happened to pick up a hook and make a business out of, and my Facebook family I really do look for those "likes", they mean a lot.

My business has taught me that I can do anything if I put my mind to the task.  I have grown from knowing only a few stitches 3 years ago to reading patterns. I have to give shout out to +Teresa Richardson , +bobwilson123 +OneVirtuousWoman O.V.W and many more for their outstanding instructions on You Tube.  I have spent many hours up with these women pausing and going back to watch them perform the magic they make with yarn.  I really would not be this far without you.  I also have to thank +Liz McQueen from Playin Hooky Designs, Vita of  Mon Petit Violon (lives in Latvia) and +Kristi Simpson at RAKJ patterns to name a few !  The crochet community is the BOMB Diggity !  I love you ladies !  Oh, ! and of course the men in my crochet life +Michael Sellick at the Crochet Crowd and +drew emborsky of The Crochet Dude.  I love you all ! I would not be the crafter I am without their help and the help of many more.  I feel like I have the best teachers who teach me from all over the world !

I have met the most kind and supportive people at craft fairs. I really appreciated when a customer came to me at my last show and told me she had purchased my hat a month before for her son and she wanted me to know he wears it all the time and gets compliments.  I have also built several relationships with repeat customers(now friends) and contact people at some of the best craft fairs in the state !  Rene @ The Heritage Foundation of Franklin & Williamson County.  I appreciate all she has done for me this year.  She is the best !!!

In the midst of this year our youngest daughter had a baby on 12-12-12.  What a joy to know that I am now in a position to help out if my daughter needs me to come give her a break, and I can spend time with the most precious bundle of joy.  I am one proud MeMe!  I also have to thank my new boss and my daughter's OB/GYN +Cherise Felix who gives the flexibility like no one else would.  There are not enough thank you's and I love you's for you and +Nina Shapiro.... 
 I know the New Year will only continue to build on the blessings I have started to receive.
Thank you to everyone for being a Big Part of my life !