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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Steps

I'ts funny how people don't take you serious when you say you are starting your own business.  I spend several hours a day researching patterns looking up places to set up, looking for retail supplies or just crocheting to build my stock.  The first thing people assume is you have time do run errands for them..  because I'm not doing anything.

This is my passion and I am very serious about what I am doing.  Today I was up at 6:30 ordering my tent and preparing a mock set up to see what set up supplies I am missing. I was also at a yarn sale  at my favorite shop where I got 75% off my entire purchase.  As I advance in my crocheting the yarn I use is also more expensive because now I know the difference in texture and brand. Tomorrow I will go out and get a few supplies to tweek my set up.  Maybe I am not going to work for someone else...  I am my own boss so I wish people would realize when you work for yourself you can't hide from your mistakes.  I want this to work so everyday I do something to get me moving in the right direction!