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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mixed Messages

I have always been one to ask God for specific things and own them.  When I am without a job I don't look for one I really sincerely wait for one to come my way.  If I walk in a building and don't feel His presence I will not take the job.  Sounds crazy but that is my relationship with Him and it works.

I have been fortunate in that either someone will tell me about a job or the company will find my resume on a site.  I have submitted several resumes to many places but I am only rewarded when the first two happen.

I am now home as you know starting my business.  I have said that the only positions I would be interested in are remote or part time...... guess what?  Someone called me about a remote position.   It is very interesting and I have had two interviews.   I would love to have the job because insurance is so High !! I want be able to help support my family. I could also do my crocheting while on the phone doing conf calls and what ever.   I would love this job so we will see...